Saturday, April 28, 2012

London 2012 Olympics Gymnastics Poster.

So this year I did an Independent Study with the super cool dude and great illustrator Daniel Krall. Through the semester he and I worked together while I made four posters for the London 2012 Olympics which I am crazy pumped for! My concept was to integrate patterns found on antique/vintage objects made in England, architecture found in London, and a person performing an event found in the Olympics- this one is for Gymnastics, and features Big Ben's clock face. The floral pattern was based off of an antique English teacup- you can see the post I made about it here. In each poster I limited the amount of colors I used, and variations of the colors can be seen in not only the Olympic rings but the flag of England. It was really hard to do- making simple yet effective posters is no walk in the park, but I'm incredibly happy with how they turned out and I learned a lot!

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