Thursday, December 10, 2009

Logo Designs.

For my Illustration I class with Ted McGrath we were assigned to create 4 logos- one for a drink, one for a sports team, one for a pharmaceutical, and one for a shoe brand. These were my two favorites- "Tisbury", a fictional sparkling grapefruit drink, and "Vie" (french for "life"), a fictional herbal supplement.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Something I Hate.

Another Digital Illustration assignment I finished yesterday. We needed to make a drawing of something we hate and something we like. I made "Spicy Food" for my hate, and "Daydreams" for my like. I was pleased with how this came out over my Daydreams one.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Extract Logo.

This was my first assignment of the '09-'10 school year. Apologies for it being out of order, but I wanted to put this up. This was my first assignment in my Digital Illustration class- create a logo using the word "Extract" or a derivative of that. I went with Extract, a (fictional) organic orange juice company.

CMYK Giraffes.

This was done a little before I worked on my cat shirt design- just me fooling around with CMYK and figuring out different techniques with it.

James Gurney Reproduction.

This is from earlier in the semester... this Digital Illustration assignment was to create a digital painting based on a section of an oil painting by either James Gurney or Frank Frazetta. I ended up choosing one of Gurney's covers for Dinotopia, since I grew up loving those books (I wanted to be a paleontologist growing up).

Character and T-Shirt Design.

As I am frequently asked "Is there somewhere I can see your work?", and that many of my fellow MICAns have one, I have made myself a blog. I'll keep it updated with work, sketches, and what have you.
To kick it off, we have two assignments from my Digital Illustration class with John Malloy. The premise of the two: One had to be a digital painting of a character design or background of a fantasy/sci-fi creature or place. The second was a CMYK illustration to be submitted to

For the first piece I decided to go the sci-fi route with a robotic horse. It was quite fun to work with, though there *is* a few tweaks it needs, namely making the metal plates in the barrel have a fair bit of difference between them so the painting doesn't flatten itself out.
Second piece I was struggling to get an idea for what to do... eventually I was inspired by my cat, Nala, and went for a simple silhouette of a cat with some crosshatching. Mock up image base is thanks to Design By Humans. I'll be submitting the design to them soon.