Saturday, April 28, 2012

London 2012 Olympics Gymnastics Poster.

So this year I did an Independent Study with the super cool dude and great illustrator Daniel Krall. Through the semester he and I worked together while I made four posters for the London 2012 Olympics which I am crazy pumped for! My concept was to integrate patterns found on antique/vintage objects made in England, architecture found in London, and a person performing an event found in the Olympics- this one is for Gymnastics, and features Big Ben's clock face. The floral pattern was based off of an antique English teacup- you can see the post I made about it here. In each poster I limited the amount of colors I used, and variations of the colors can be seen in not only the Olympic rings but the flag of England. It was really hard to do- making simple yet effective posters is no walk in the park, but I'm incredibly happy with how they turned out and I learned a lot!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Urban Nature.

Woah! Thesis updates! As the end of the year draws close, I'm going to start leaking all of the stuff that I've been working on this semester. This is a spot for the This American Life episode "Urban Nature" which talks about nature creeping into man-made environments and sneaking in places where its very presence is a rebuke to the notion that we have things under control. I had a lot of fun with this- drawing plants is really quite relaxing!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pokemon Battle Royale Prints.

The opening to the Pokemon Battle Royale show has come and gone, and my piece "Pidgey Used Gust!" was bought! There are still some really amazing pieces available- some are the only prints of their pieces, some are part of a limited run of prints- and I highly suggest if you or someone you know is a Pokemon lover to grab one of the pieces at the Light Grey Art Lab shop here. Every purchase supports some really talented artists and a really sweet gallery! You can see all 151 of the pieces from the show here and photos from the opening here.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Self Portrait.

Once again, I apologize for another non-thesis related post!  The entire Senior illustration class was required to create self portraits for a Zynga-sponsored Senior Commencement Show poster. Most of my friends went with simple portraits, but I really wanted to make a fun, unique piece (and apparently make my life way harder/add way too much work on my plate) as I haven't done a drawing of myself in ages. So- this is me chilling on a gigantic snake.
You can see the design of the poster with all of my fellow graduating illustrators here!