Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Online Shop!

Recently I launched an online shop that is currently stocked with prints and hopefully in the near future will also feature products toting my surface designs! You can take a look/make purchases at kristenacampora.bigcartel.com/.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Senior Studio.

So I have a lot of photographs of things I've wanted to share but haven't really had the time to do so- with post-college life and my trip to ICON7 (which was amazing, by the way!) I've had too much on my plate to take care of, let alone adding photo editing to my list of things to do!

To bring a close to the chronicle that was my time at MICA, here's some photos of my Senior studio. I basically lived there the entire year and being able to share a workspace with my fellow illustrators was amazing. As you can see I had a homasote board covered in postcards/business cards/prints featuring work of illustrators who I am inspired by (and also a giant photograph of Ice-T, because really, who doesn't love Ice-T?) I also attached a corkboard to one side of my desk to give me a little extra wall space (which I covered in my paper dolls and calendar from the first semester of Lifestyles).

I really do miss it dearly.