Monday, December 19, 2011

White Russian.

So here's my last piece from Lifestyles, and in turn the last piece from my first semester as a Senior! I have another thesis piece done, but I was never fully satisfied with it so it's going to stay hidden in my computer.

The assignment was to take a cocktail of our choice and illustrate it (without involving the cocktail itself- think of it more as a creative interpretation to the name of the drink). I chose my favorite alcoholic beverage, the White Russian. So now we've got a lovely Russian lady (wearing a variation of this outfit) chilling out in the snowy tundra with some wolves. This piece originally was super flat and graphic (and one of a pair- we had to illustrate the ingredients as well, but I felt that piece wasn't up to snuff), but I ended up tweaking it so that it had some cool lighting and a real sense of mood.

So all in all, I am happy with how this semester went, though I was incredibly stressed since the first day of classes and worked myself incredibly hard (and harder then I think ended up being healthy...) but I feel like my portfolio has really solidified and I've found ways that I enjoy working!