Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Rory" the Microraptor.

Summer is here, so now I can touch up some of the pieces I've wanted to post but were not finished to my liking. This is one of the last things I will be posting from my Junior year, and coincidentally one of the last things I did for my Book Illustration class. We were asked to create a character based on three words we were given at random and give them a back story of our own invention. I ended up with "tiny", "extinct", and "blissful", which I used to create Rory the Microraptor. And yes, this type of dinosaur actually exists! She somehow survived extinction and lives in a museum, playing "dead" as a display during the day and exploring at night. We were then asked to then make an illustration with a classmate's character interacting with ours- I still am not happy with how mine currently looks so I will probably post that a bit later after I tweak it.

As I did last summer, I have come up with art-related goals I want to reach over the break:
-Solidify a drawing style
-Make a lot of patterns because heck, they are really fun to do
-Get committed to using sketchbooks!
-Keep drawing- whether you are doing quick doodles or finished pieces- do not get comfortable with not making artwork

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