Monday, March 21, 2011

Mr. Linden's Library.

For Jaime Zollars' Book Illustration class we were assigned a "mystery" piece where we needed to do a black and white illustration based on a quote that we got at random. Mine was "He had warned her about the book. Now it was too late." I have always really liked doing fairly detailed interiors but never seem to apply that to my work, so this was a good chance to. I ended up basically making my dream room (A bed that is nestled in a wall? Sign me up!) that had elements inspired by my fabulous roommate Colleen Roxas (namely the zebras). The protagonist of the story is sleeping after a long night of studying, while a ghostly hand reaches down to grab her.

I need to revamp my "colored" version, as the black and white did not have enough contrast, but I figured I'd throw the sketches up here because, well, why not? The first one is the drawing sans the hand, so that if I decide to re-draw it I don't disturb the environment. The second is my sketch with my ghostly hand included. At some point I hope to do a full color version of this, but that of course is time permitting.


  1. You definitely should do a color version! I absolutely love this composition and really wish I could see it all in color. The whole piece is so sweet... And definitely has some kind of inner narrative.

  2. Aw thanks Stephanie, I really appreciate it! I have been trying to make more narrative pieces lately, I feel like I haven't worked on them enough. I am planning on eventually (probably in the summertime) throwing some color on it, so keep an eye out! :)